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- Option 1. Direct Intl Flight to Jeju Int'l Airport

There are many major airlines that offer direct flights to Jeju from various cities in South Korea and other countries. Consider using LCCs from major hubs in Asia to go to Jeju Airport (CJU) directly.

The Jeju International Airport has more than 20 direct routes to/from overseas including Beijing, Hong Kong, Osaka, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.

Jeju International Airport (CJU) in South Korea is well-connected to various Asian countries, and there are direct flights from many Asian cities to Jeju. Therefore, checking with airlines or travel websites for the most current flight options is always best.    For more information

* Please note that the availability of direct flights from these cities to Jeju may be subject to change. Visitors might want to consider using LCCs as CJU offers a wide array of flight options operated by LCCs.

- Option 2. Incheon Int’I Airport → Gimpo Int’l Airport (Domestic) → Jeju Int’l Airport

1. Arriving at Incheon International Airport, you will go through immigration and customs procedures if you are coming from an international destination.

2. After going through immigration, proceed to the baggage claim area to collect your checked-in luggage. Make sure to follow the signs for the appropriate carousel for your flight.

3. To get to Gimpo Int’l Airport(Domestic), take an airport limousine bus or AREX (Airport Railroad train) or taxi.   For more information

4. Arriving at Gimpo Int’l Airport(Domestic), take a flight to Jeju Int’l Airport.

5. From Jeju Int’l Airport, you will reach Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel in approximately 10~15 minutes by car.