ISPSA 2024        Welcome Message

Welcome Message

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 21st International Symposium on the Physics of Semiconductors and Applications (ISPSA 2024) to be held on June 2~6, 2024 in Jeju, Korea.

This biennial conference, hosted by the Semiconductor Physics Division, Korean Physical Society, was started in 1982 for the first time to report and discuss the state of the art in semiconductor physics and applications. Following the over 40-year-long journey of the ISPSA with the scientific heritage on traditional semiconductor physics, emerging research fields, such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, spintronics, energy materials, and industrial semiconductor applications, will newly enrich the 21st ISPSA in one of the most dynamic places for semiconductor physics, Korea. The symposium will provide a variety of programs including distinguished presentations, networking events, and tours to benefit from informative and enriching discussions as well as to initiate cross-disciplinary collaborations for the advancement of research. I sincerely hope that all participants will be able to have a deep and profound discussion on the field of compound semiconductors through this valuable time and to make lasting friendships and future colleagues with renowned researchers.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all the organizing, technical program, and advisory committee members who worked hard to make this symposium a success, and I hope that ISPSA 2024 will be an unforgettable experience for all of you who are going through an unprecedentedly difficult time.

ISPSA 2024 will be held in Jeju, where you can enjoy the natural wonders and cultural heritage of Korea. Jeju is one of the most popular and trendy tourist destinations in Asia and will appeal to you. We have prepared social activities so that participants can take an interest in each other and enjoy the beauty of Jeju. We hope you can join us at this symposium and broaden your horizon!

Please make a note on your calendar so that we can be together in Jeju. All the committee members are looking forward to meeting you in Jeju, Korea.

Sincerely yours,

Jong Su Kim
General Chair, ISPSA 2024
Yeungnam University
Chair, Semiconductor Physics Division, The Korean Physical Society