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** Submission Deadline: 31 July 2024

Journal of Semiconductors (J. Semicond.) publishes articles that emphasize semiconductor physics, materials, devices, circuits, and related technology. It reports on the following topics:
• Semiconductor superlattice and microstructure physics
• Semiconductor material physics
• Growth and characterization of novel semiconductor materials including quantum dots and quantum wires
• Semiconductor device physics
• Novel semiconductor devices
• CAD design and fabrication of integrated circuits
• Novel technology for semiconductor devices
• Semiconductor optoelectronic devices and integration
• Semiconductor film growth, characterization, and application

Call for papers

Papers submitted to ISPSA 2024 will be published in the ISPSA 2024 Special Issue in Journal of Semiconductors after the following review process.

Step-1  Manuscript submission

• Prepare your manuscript according to the “Guide for Authors” of Journal of Semiconductors.
• For manuscript submission, email to

Step-2  Prescreening review

• Prescreening review will be conducted by the ISPSA 2024 committee to select qualified works.
• Authors will receive a decision letter (Recommended/Not recommended) from the ISPSA 2024 committee.

Step-3  Editorial peer Review

• For the Recommended papers, the Editorial board of Journal of Semiconductors will proceed with peer review.
• The ISPSA 2024 committee will also be involved in the peer review process as Guest Editors.

Step-4  Published as a Special Issue in Journal of Semiconductors

• The accepted papers will be published as a Special Issue in Journal of Semiconductors.
• The exact publication date will be announced afterward.